Thursday, January 7, 2010

Loose Ends

I've had a couple of questions from friends about some things I’d left hanging this year, so I thought I'd try to tidy things up a bit.

Polaroid Film: Definitely no longer available.

This has been a mixed blessing indeed. Walker now has more spending money than he has wants. He has socked away a good bit in his secret hiding place in his room but still carries too much around with him to suit me. He mentioned repeatedly over the holidays that he might find Polaroid film somewhere, but when I reminded him that it was no longer made, he posed that “Christmas wishes come true.” That one did not, but he has not lost hope.

He’s using his digital camera regularly and brings his chip down for me to zap to be printed at Walgreens, usually on Friday night. He and Theresa pick up the prints while they’re running errands on Saturdays. The pictures are spectacular, provided the copyright police don’t come after us.

Walker III and Retirement:

That has been placed securely on the back burner. Even in this blistering cold weather, he hasn’t complained. There was one minor incident with a customer after he loaded her bags too heavy, but it was settled with his manager without them calling us. It took me about twenty minutes to drag what details I have about the incident out of him because he didn’t want to spoil Christmas. He didn’t.


Walker took a lovely young lady to his annual Christmas Dance at his old school. She is his age and new to Memphis and they seemed to have fun, but both made it clear to their respective parents that they are staying single. He showed impeccable manners, but I suspect that this young lady was a bit surprised at his version of dancing generally being to play air guitar.

My knee: It took almost a full year for me to say that I am thrilled with my new knee. I can still predict a storm long before VIPER radar, but generally I can walk as much as I want to without significant pain.

My Resolutions 2009: I’ve read a lot and watched political pundits less, unfortunately I’ve also played a LOT of video games. We’ve found another church, and still are not very faithful in our attendance, but when I’m there I’m glad. We worked in the yard less, but I enjoyed the seasonal changes immensely, especially the beautiful Spring day when John and Becket played Princess and the Frog with a real frog. We have spent more time with friends and I’ve found that the more we have small, casual get togethers, the easier it is. I even tried out some new recipes and they weren’t disastrous, and Margaret A. has generously shared two more that sound easy and good.

My Resolutions 2010: The usual about living healthier, eating more vegetables (which I know I won’t do), getting more exercise (which I might do since my AARP Medicare supplement will pay for me to join a gym or Curves), and being more generous with my time and money and kind words. I hope to learn to be a good long-distance grandmother in the next few weeks and continue to spend quality time with the five local grandchildren, an increasingly difficult task now that most are in school all day every day.

I hope I can look back this time next year and say that I actually did some of these things. I hope I keep on hoping just like Walker.