Sunday, October 30, 2016

Long Time no Write

I was messaging with someone today and mentioned my Blog and started thinking about how long it had been since I had written anything...since Mother's Day...WOW!  It's not that I haven't had anything to say; those of you who actually know me, know that I always have plenty to say, but I'll have to admit that the past six months have actually stifled me considerably....and that's not a situation I find my self comfortable with.

Ordinarily, in the midst of a political season, I think I'd have plenty to say, and I think a good many of my friends would be on the same page as I am....but this year is different. (Actually it started changing in 2008 when my youngest daughter convinced me to vote for Obama, which I'm proud to say I am happy I did.)  Even my husband and I aren't on the same page this year, and I'm not even sure what two of my daughters think because we all seem to have some sort of unwritten agreement not to stir up trouble now that things have really become ugly.  Most of my Mah Jongg group think I am at the very least a Socialist, possibly a Communist, and they don't hesitate to tell me that I've been "drinking the Kool Aid".  I'm to polite to say what I think of them being able to watch the news at all and come to the conclusions they have.

I post the most well-thought articles supporting my beliefs on Facebook, and the comments range from my few friends who love them to some pretty ugly stuff from those who disagree.  The last month or so those comments did become a bit more tempered, and the consensus leaned toward " well both candidates are awful, but the country will be doomed if the Democrats get to appoint all those Supreme Court justices, so we'll take our chances with Trump."  So I stifle myself for the most part...or as much as I'm capable of...but I wake up every morning with this deep dread in the pit of my stomach, and I wonder whether I'm failing in some way by not trying harder to influence others.

But, I don't think influencing others is actually possible this least I've had no luck at it.  We aren't listening to each other much, and I honestly think we don't really respect the other side very much anymore.  And, so in a little over a week it should be over, and  I hope it will all be like a bad dream and we'll all go back to taking care of our families and playing Mah Jongg or Bridge or golf or tennis, or go to the office and talk about football or basketball, or the holiday movies and which ones might be Oscar candidates.  Maybe life will be sane again and we will all be friendly and comfortable with each other....maybe.