Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I meant to add this picture to my last post, but still being inept with the mechanics of this whole blog thing, it seems easier just to add it separately. It was made last year on Walker's birthday. The whole family and Steffen went to our cabin on Moon Lake for the weekend.

One of Walker's favorite pastimes up until that date was stopping by the casinos on his way home. I usually gave each of the guys a few dollars and let them play around until time for dinner. When we met up again, Walker was in a really foul mood. He has been to the casinos a few times since his 21st birthday, but he had always ended up in the black. So much so, that anytime he runs short of money, he asks when we're going back. Not this time, though. Apparently Steffen had advised him to stop as soon as he hit any kind of a jackpot, something he usually did. That night, he never got to that point. Like many of us, he kept feeding the machines until he ran out of money. He says he's never going back, which is fine with us. Some lessons are harder to learn than others. This was a tough one, and it was on his birthday to boot!
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