Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Casual Observations Begin

After pondering what to "do" with my incessant need to share my opinions, which I really prefer to call observations, since that sounds a little less judgmental, I'm finally getting started. Since my subject matter will vary daily, perhaps even hour to hour, it's really going to be difficult to restrain myself and not bore you all to death.

Many, although certainly not all, of my posts will be related to living with our son who has Down Syndrome. Walker is thirty two and lives with his dad and me in Memphis, Tennessee. Our life is at a very good place right now, since he has a good job, takes his responsibilities both at work and around the house very seriously, and we are getting decent services from the agency serving him. That has not always been so.

Part of what I want to share with you is the endless cycles of good times and bad times involved in having a child with special needs. Sometimes the cycles are long and good ones, other times they have been long and unpleasant ones. The important thing has been that none of them have lasted forever. From my perspective of over 30 years of parenting not only a special needs individual, but three daughters with their own needs, which have been equally as special, I have concluded that living with Walker has neither been better nor worse, just different.

Not too many years ago, I read a book written by , Gene Stallings well-known coach at The University of Alabama about his experience with his son, Johnny, who also has Down Syndrome. (Another Season: A Father's Story by Gene Stallings with Sally Cook) Coach Stallings stated in that book that he wouldn't choose for Johnny to be any different, even if he could. Well, I've wrestled long and hard with that question. Would I choose for Walker to be the idealized child I had expected if someone could wave a magic wand and make it so? I know now that I wouldn't give up our life experiences with Walker for someone else's life, no matter how perfect.

I hope you'll see why I feel this way as I share some of my stories with you.

Thanks for reading my first blog! Hope you'll come back often. Blessings, Janie

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Morris,
Thank you for taking the time to complete this blog. I recently contacted Sarah via Facebook to get advice for a friend of mine that just had a son with Downs. I explained to Sarah that I had always looked up to your family and admired the dynamics of your large and fun family. I am going to pass your blog link on to my friend. I am sure she will find it to be a great resource as she raises her two older daughters and her new son.