Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

It was a little chaotic this morning with two grandchildren overnighting. Unlike most days when we each kind of fend for ourselves for breakfast, I managed pancakes and bacon, and Walker joined us for breakfast. For a number of reasons, my churchgoing habits have changed, and I often don't go. Walker is given the option of going with his dad or not. Today he chose to stay home and "take care" of me.

While I was scanning the paper as the little ones finished their pancakes, a short blurb about Mother's Day was shown on one of the morning news programs. It featured an old lullaby, the one Dumbo's mother sings to him in the Disney classic, and some charming pictures of a mother and her small child. Walker and I were both transfixed by the sweetness. I looked up and noticed that he was a little teary. When I questioned him about it, he said he was just remembering that it was my mother's Mother's Day too. Perhaps the scenes reminded him of a group of pictures of my mother holding me as a newborn that hang just outside my bedroom door.

Walker comes by his sentimentality naturally, every one in our family tears up at tender moments from time to time. I was touched that he chose to share that with me. It's odd how a sad moment can turn into a positive one when shared. For Walker to empathize with my not having a mother to honor on this day showed that his capacity for understanding the feelings of others continues to grow. He is still maturing long past what we ever expected. That was a nice Mother's Day gift, even more special than the card he had presented.

I hope that all of us will remember that our mothers are special on this day. I know Walker and I do.

Blessings, Janie

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