Saturday, July 19, 2008


This will be very brief, because I have three of my grandsons visiting for the weekend while their mom and dad catch a much needed breather with grown up friends.

The news on Geoffrey is not quite as positive as most of us had hoped. The tumor in his liver is malignant. While he was asleep yesterday, the docs performed several procedures. In addition to the biopsy, a port was inserted so that chemotherapy might begin soon. We don't yet have information on the type of tumor he is fighting, but I know he will be a fighter. It runs in the family. Please continue your prayers for Geoffrey and for his family, especially Chris and Nancy.



Geoff Fargo said...

Geoffrey and his family are in our prayers. God bless.

Janie said...

Thanks so much Geoff. The news is somewhat better today, in that his bone marrow appears to be clear of any cancer. I'll post more definite news as I know it. Love, Janie