Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Choices

I need to buy a car. Not that I care one whit about style or looks, but my choice of an SUV five or six years ago is proving to be a poor one. I love sitting up above the crowd, and the number of traffic accidents I’ve been involved in has been zero because I can basically see better from up there. That hasn’t kept me from a few dings along the way, but overall this has been a reliable and safe car. It’s just too hard for me to get in and out of now, and if and when I have my knees replaced, I suspect it will become impossible.

So we begin the painful process of choosing. About the only thing set in concrete is a general price range and wanting low miles. Getting some warranty and better gas mileage would be a real bonus.

Then the real choices begin. More bells and whistles in the sound system or leather seats with seat warmers? A newer model or an older one with less miles? The generic white one, or the cool greenish color? A little more for a tow package? Thank goodness, I really don’t care too much about those things.

There’s always a trade off, but mostly none of these choices are going to affect the rest of my life.

What I really hate is when I get into a situation where I don’t really like any of my choices and must make one. In social work having limited choices that are somehow dictated by someone else is defined as Oppression. Most of the unpleasant choices I’m faced with aren’t quite that radical, but I still don’t like them.

Sometimes those situation leave me immobilized, so I do nothing. Getting more information usually helps me eventually make up my mind. I thrive on facts and statistics. Sometimes talking the choices over with a friend or my daughters or my husband helps. If there’s a consensus after all that, I can move ahead.

It’s not quite so simple as the days when my brother and sister and I shared the same room, and our decisions were decided by what was usually a “two against one, we win you lose” vote. Somehow it’s in my nature to want everyone to win, or at least walk away feeling good about the outcome.

I hope I’ll make wise decisions in my life. I’m thankful that I’m fortunate enough to have some decisions to make.


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