Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Year Older

And, thankfully, not too much deeper in debt if I get my car sold before too long.

I spent the morning with Owen, my youngest grandson, namesake, and one who shares today as his birthday. We listened to some Barney and Caillou and kicked his new soccer ball and sang Happy and You Know It and Wheels on the Bus. We worked on holding up two fingers and totally confused him by Walker and his mommy not needing a Happy Birthday too.

I received some precious gifts from my friends and family, the gift of their time and thoughts being the most precious. Tonight I'll have a dinner I didn't cook or have to clean up after at Molly's house and share a birthday cake with Owen.

In a few minutes, I'll change my age on my bio and maybe edit it a bit so that it doesn't imply that I'm married to a forty two year old.

What a Wonderful World.


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Colleen said...

Happy Birthday, Janie! All the best; you deserve it!

I'm so glad to find another member of the Sisterhood of the Opal! (I'm the 20th; it'll be the big 5-5! Last year I hit a deer on the big day, but the Subaru and I both survived. So I hope this year's event won't be so "interesting." But enough about me.)

I was glad to see even a bitty bit of Sarah Jane last week. I wish she would have been in the Kitty-Sarah scenes. I would have liked them much better.