Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I know… it’s a Hallmark holiday, not really worth spending money on in hard financial times.

Two of my daughters are now mothers themselves and certainly more in need of a bit of affection and pampering on this day than I, who always feel pampered with small luxuries, the most precious of which is time to do as I please. I absolved my husband of honoring the day years ago, because the last thing in the world I want to be is his mother, but today he had a funny card and flowers.

I had saved Sarah’s card to open this morning, and as much as I might dis the holiday, opening a card with exactly the right words on it still brings tears to my eyes on Mother’s Day more than any other occasion. It means that someone gets it. They get what it means for them to recognize that I’ve done at least a passable and sometimes commendable job of the only career I ever knew for sure I’d want to climb the corporate ladder of.

I had slipped back into an early morning nap when John and Becket greeted me a few minutes past seven with “Happy Mother’s Day, Grammy…What’s for breakfast?” And after a short cuddle, I was up flipping pancakes and gulping my morning iced tea, hoping to mainstream enough caffeine to keep me on my feet until their dad picked them up to go home and “surprise” their mom with breakfast in bed. I suspect something similar happened at Molly’s house.

I’ve already luxuriated in the New York Times and what passes for our local paper. Perhaps I’ll go to church with the Walkers and think about what a great Mama I had to teach me how.

We going to gather here tonight for food I mostly didn’t cook, and celebrate Robert’s thirteenth birthday, Mother’s Day, and a visit by my oldest nephew.

It’s going to be a great day. I hope all the Mamas, Mommy’s, Moms, Mameres and Madears are equally blessed.



Elizabeth Saffell said...

Aunt Janie,
Is the picture of you or nana? It is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Janie Morris said...

It is a picture of Nana with me. It was made on her first anniversary, which was October 23, 1944. The roses were from Daddy (probably via Mamo who we were living with). Note that she is still in bed in a bedjacket with a three week old baby! I uncovered a set of four of these pictures in Nana's things. They were in mint condition, but had never been framed. They are among my prized possessions. I'll send you a copy if you like. I love that you noticed and wrote a comment! Love YOU! Janie