Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book Thoughts Netherland

I was beginning to believe that my ability to discriminate between books was lost. I seemed to like everything I read for a long stretch there. Then I decided to read Netherland because Barack said that was his current read, and I was curious. I can't imagine why he was reading it, and wonder whether he actually finished it. I did, but just barely. I guess it was kind of typical of life. Sometimes there can be a huge build up to something that kind of fizzles, but I didn't really appreciate the long journey to not much of anywhere. I had even splurged to get a hardback before the paperback was released. I read an article soon after I placed my order that they were releasing the paperback early, in response to increased demand. I guess some others were curious about the kind of book our president might read.

I didn't even like Netherland well enough to pass it on, although I probably will, just so I'll have someone to talk about it with.

I hope there are always books for me to read, one of my favorite luxuries of life. I hope I like The Book Thief better.



Clare said...

Have you finished The Book Thief? It is one of my new favorites! I'm entertaining myself looking at your posts as I haven't had a chance to vist in a while. Love to you all (and how did dove season come around so quickly!?) Clare

Anonymous said...

I did read it at my daughter's suggestion and liked it a lot. Dove season begins this weekend...and then a brief breather before quail season..then, etc. Good to hear from you!