Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Okay, so technically it’s not yet midwinter. According to my calculations that will be on or about January 25, but we had our first snow day of what will hopefully be a mercifully short winter today, and I decided to make a survival plan to get me through till Spring.

If you can think of something to add to what is obviously an incomplete list, please click comment at the bottom of the page, and I’ll update the list periodically.

Some things to do on a cold winter’s day:

1. Throw something away...anything...everything.

2. Mend something.

3. Iron something.

4. Make sure you’ve gotten the dregs of the Christmas stuff put away.

5. Write those thank you notes.

6. Call somebody you haven’t talked to in a long time.

7. Send a card just to say you care about someone.

8. Sit in the car with the bun warmers on and listen to your favorite music.  (Per my son in law, this could be suicidal if you run the heater...recommended only in ventilated garage for a short while.)

9. Build a fire and keep it going all day.

10. Enjoy some candles even if the lights don’t go out.

11. Cook something that takes all day and sop up the gravy with bread.

12. Have breakfast for dinner.

13. Make some cider with mulling spices and add something to give it a kick.

14. Take a long hot bath and climb up in your bed with the down comforter.

15. Let your dog or cat cuddle up with you….all night.

16. Order prints of last years pictures and put them in an album or a frame.

17. Hang up the clothes lying on the exercycle and get on it.

18. Copy some CDs on to your ipod.

19. Use some gift cards online.

20. Organize your receipts and be ready to do your taxes.

21. Look over last years checks and credit card bills to see where some of your money escaped.

22. Make a grocery list and download some coupons to use when you send your hubby to the store.

23. Make dinner from something in the freezer every night for a week.

24. Make a cake from scratch.

25. Wash the cushions on the bar stools.

26. Wash something that hasn’t been washed in a year.

27. Throw your bed pillows in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet to fluff.

28. Get rid of make up that’s past its prime. Ditto spices, although I keep mine for years sometimes.

29. Start a donation box and look for things to put in it.

30. Make a new folder on your desktop—real or virtual-- to save all pictures from 2011.

31. Walk from one end of the house to the other returning things to the rooms where they belong…repeat until all are at home.

32. Check out the sunset.

33. Make snow ice cream with the not-yellow snow.

34. Make an igloo out of snow blocks.

35. Slide down a hill on something slick…not your bottom.

36. Don’t crash into anything in your car.

37.  Make a tropical drink with umbrella and watch "South Pacific".

38.  Take the Christmas CDs out of your car till next year.

39.  Make a snow angel!

Note after talking to son in law, John:  This list is random in nature.  Purely stream of consciousness.  It will be added to at the whim of the writer and/or others.

40.  Fill bird feeders and check on that pretty bird you can't identify. (slate junko)

41. Stay up late watching your alma mater WIN the National Championship while curled up on the sofa in front of that fire.  War Eagle!

42. Bundle up and go somewhere...anywhere.

43.  Check periodically for first signs of spring bulbs sprouting.

44. Call some friends and play a game of Mahjongg or Bridge or Poker...or whatever.

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