Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to the Fifties

I’ve been doing some preliminary work on a video I’m going to compile for my fiftieth high school reunion. Yes, I’m really that old...I can't believe it either. In the process, I’ve contacted former classmates and requested pictures and have spent this afternoon listening to the number one songs of the fifties and sixties.

I don’t often long for those days…the ones before air conditioning (at least at my house), color television, nearly free long distance, cable television, video recorders, and cell phones. The days before mortgages and 401 K’s occupied my mind. The days when taking a trip on a plane was a rare luxury, but one to look forward to, not an experience almost as invasive as the dreaded “complete physical” I had to have for college.

Today, for a little while, I longed to reclaim that simpler life where my visions of the years ahead were mostly rosier than those days actually turned out to be. But then I realized that some things I never would have imagined have also brought more joy into my life than my rosiest scenario concocted on a sweaty afternoon listening to my favorite 45s play an endless loop of love songs while hoping a breeze would flutter the organdy curtains in my bedroom .

Instead of lolling around my back yard pool, one of my lifelong desires, I enjoy watching little boys do cannonballs and crazy flips while shouting , “Watch this one, Grammy!” Instead of bouquets from a florist, I have cut flowers and fresh vegetables from my own back yard. Instead of elegant dining at fine restaurants, I actually enjoy back yard cookouts and homemade ice cream…and an occasional nice meal out too. I have all the books I can read and the love of two guys who basically treat me pretty darn well. I’m a lucky lady.


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