Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shoes and The Economy

An article in the New York Times this morning prompted a memory of a piece I wrote quite a while ago. (Link below) It was written in the midst of our severe economic downturn that changed most of our lives, probably forever.  This morning, the paper says that "The Fed", whoever they are, are relaxing about the crisis and thinking of removing some of the props in our economy....which sounds like a good idea in some ways. 

A later article in today's paper made me realize that things are still insane.  There are people out there who can't even really afford a $10 pair of shoes at a thrift store, and loonies in the 1% are knocking each other down to buy shoes REDUCED to just under $400.  (Link below)

In my current state, I'd pay almost any price...say $150...for a pair of shoes that were even slightly attractive and didn't hurt my feet.  (I won't go into the issues, but believe me, they're almost insurmountable.)

What do you value, and what price would pay for it?  Click comment below or on my Facebook page.  Am I really the only sane female left on the planet or just out of step with the rest of polite society?


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