Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Random Christmas Thoughts from Me to You

Ahhh...Christmas Eve and I actually have a few minutes to myself.  The last of the packages are wrapped and actually have matching ribbon and tags for the most part, the rolls are rising, the Walkers are making a last minute grocery run, and the house is quiet for a bit. We've enjoyed the company of good friends, and await the conclusion with our family tonight and a quiet day tomorrow...All is Calm,...All is Bright.

As some of you know, this year we are awaiting a baby.  Sarah will bring what will probably be the final grandchild into our family soon, and we're all awaiting his or her arrival with great anticipation.  Somehow the miracle of birth is always awe inspiring no matter how many you've experienced or how over populated the world might be. Each new life brings with it a promise and hope.

Walker III  has already received some nice cards and gifts, some monetary, others food remembrances from his customers and relatives.  His joy in opening a card from an unexpected source showed me how little it takes to please him.  Our gifts to him this year aren't large, and they actually involve clothing.  He has become active in a Young Life group geared toward adults with disabilities and it's his favorite thing in the world right now...he is a BELIEVER!  I'm not sure he nor I understand exactly what that means, but that's okay...he's convinced it's so.  He's getting a new Young Life logo jacket and stocking cap, which I suspect might get some wear this year, and an upgrade to his old flip phone, which he has reluctantly agreed to.  He and his dad are out selecting it as I write.

Molly and Katie and their families are doing what young families do...attending sporting events and performances...and two of these were really significant to me this year.  Molly and Robert went to Groton to see Robert and attend Lessons and Carols last week while I kept their little boys, and Molly send me a text on Sunday morning that the service would be streamed live.  After going to our church, then The Nutcracker, I was a little less than enthusiastic about watching the tiny screen and kind of jerky picture, but after a little tinkering, we got pretty good reception.  Robert was head acolyte, and at the recession, he proceeded carrying the cross straight into my screen...it was fabulous!   The other involved three of the middle boys and their school's annual Christmas program...this year they did the usual Christmas songs by grade, but the finale was 400 plus first through sixth grade boys  in choir robes and red bows singing the Halleluiah Chorus...You just can't imagine!

So...I'm going to go finish up the table, get my hair done, and get ready for the onslaught of my family...the chaos and fun will begin.  Merry Christmas to each of you wherever you may be, and may you have nothing but blessings in the New Year.


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