Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Might Mess it Up

I’ve gotten used to seeing my daughters’ competence levels surpass mine as they grow and mature and I age and frankly just don’t give a damn a good deal of the time, but this morning Walker kind of brought me up short.  I was getting ready for a family dinner tonight, and really needed to get the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, which he had not quite finished unloading when his breakfast dinged that it was ready.  While he served his plate, I asked if he’d be sure to get the rest of the dishes after he ate, or…”I guess I could do them for you, “ I offered.

“Well, I guess you could…but you might mess them up.”

Apparently my dish placement isn’t up to his standards.  As he ate and I unloaded, he watched me intently, and as I was about to close the dishwasher and turn to the handwashing, he yelped, “Mom…you forgot a glass.”

I glanced down, didn’t see it, and once again tried to close the dishwasher.  “MOM!...there on the rack!”

Sure enough, I was about to leave a small , clean juice glass on the dishwasher rack.

“Just be more careful next time.” 

Between us, the dishes got put away and all is quiet and calm once more. 



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