Friday, May 23, 2008

Through a Different Lens

I have been having increasing difficulty seeing lately, and was really frustrated when just reading a book became more of a chore than I was ready to tackle. I, in all my fearfulness, thought that my vision must be declining much more rapidly than I expected due to my diabetes. When I finally admitted this difficulty to myself, and to my husband, Walker looked at me carefully and commented that he thought my glasses were just on crooked.

Today, I stopped by the optometrist office, and in just a few minutes they had me back to normal. My vision was skewed because my glasses had somehow gotten twisted out of shape.
I can go back to one of my favorite pastimes.

I wonder how often I look at others through skewed glasses and don't really get a clear picture of who they are.

I hope I will remember to look for a simple solution and clear up my perceptions from time to time.


1 comment:

anneglamore said...

I'm glad it was a simple fix. That's a great analogy for so much in life, though!

Great to see you in Memphis last weekend!