Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay, so I couldn't totally resist pointing out just a few more things that needed doing today. John and Katie suggested a family get together, since everybody had been kind of going different directions for several weeks. I was thrilled to have them over, but there were a few things that needed doing. Even if it is my children, the cobwebs on the porch had to go before we could ask anyone to serve food from there. Big Walker didn't grumble too much.

We had an extra four year old friend in the crowd, but everyone played together beautifully. The little ones played "Duck, Duck, Goose" and some kind of imaginary game involving cats in my closet. They were all hungry by the time dinner was ready, and hadn't had a lot of snacks, so they gobbled up the good food without very many comments about who doesn't eat what kind of fruit or whether the chicken was the kind the were used to.

Walker was initially peeved at me for making him put on different shorts, because the fly on his favorites needed some repairs, but he eventually changed and joined us. When the discussion turned to a friend who is unemployed, he became very concerned and offered to put in a good word for him at the grocery store where he works. I don't think the friend is interested in a grocery bagging job, but it was sweet to see Walker caring about someone else. That is a real developmental milestone for all of us.

I am full of good food, good feelings, and good cheer.

I hope there will be many more nights like this when I'm totally satisfied with what is in the fridge, and not concerned about what's not. Tonight I'll be thankful. Thankful for my family, thankful for having enough. When I'm in charge of the world, everyone will enjoy this kind of satisfaction.


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