Saturday, September 27, 2008


As we enter the holiday season, I’ll have to go through the closet under the stairs and see what’s there, how long it’s been there, and what I can give away in the spirit of the season. There will be a few things that I bought that I decided weren’t quite right for the person I intended them for. There will be some that were given to me that would be much better used by someone else. There will be some that I bought and loved so much that I couldn’t quite give them up. They don’t deserve to be hanging around taking up space for much longer.

Today we celebrate the Liversary, the ultimate regifting occasion in our family.

Eight years ago, my hero son-in-law stepped forward and was chosen as a living donor to save my four year old grandson’s life. For more details, you can go back to my July posts and read all about it. (Give Life and Are You Saved) It was a precious gift.

I watched Robert, now twelve years old, tossing a football around with his two best friends last night on a patch of grass adjoining the soccer field where his four year old brother was playing soccer. (William was kind of playing soccer in between adjusting his socks and the green thingie they put on our team to differentiate them from the opposing team, also dressed in royal blue.) The contrast was astounding.

Robert has grown into a confident, handsome, and successful young man thanks to the regift his Uncle John made. It is a real pleasure to watch him just on the cusp of manhood. I know he will always treasure John’s gift to him. I suspect he will grow up and look for ways to reciprocate that gift. Of course, there’s no real way, but we all try.

I thank God for John and Robert and for the medical science that made them gifts in my life. I hope I find a way to pass on that gift today. I’ll begin by checking my organ donor card. I hope all of you do too.


P. S. If you'd like to leave a message for John and Robert, please click Comment at the bottom of the page. I'll pass them on.


Colleen said...

Bless you, John. Robert, keep up the great work. Janie, thanks for a timely message about organ donation.

You must be excited about tomorrow night. I hope Sarah Jane has a great season.

Clifford and I just returned from yet another memorial service for a member of our little parents' group, the second sudden death of a father in little more than a year. The stress of raising children with autism is really taking a toll on our little band. This couple had separated, but the divorce was not yet final.

Clifford did so well at the service, even gave the widow a big hug. I'm so proud of him. And he's just getting over Lyme disease, which made him so agitated that he had to be hospitalized for 4 days in the psych ward.

Janie Morris said...

Oh my, Colleen. I'm so sorry about your friend. I'm really proud of Clifford. Didn't know about his Lyme disease. I'm glad you caught it in time, and hope he will recover completely. Is he in school? I'll have him in my prayers. Love, Janie