Friday, September 26, 2008


The time on hold is not too long.

The used car actually is as good as it sounded.

Those weeds turn out to be perennials.

The third time you try potty training it works.

The smaller size actually fits.

The CD your son-in-law gave you really gets you hooked.

Ladies’ luncheons are not too fattening.

You win a prize at the fair.

The lamp at the discount store really looks good in your house.

The healthy recipe is really tasty.

Your husband is right about the soul food restaurant, or the movie, or the need to change all the lightbulbs at once.

One of those spiritual forwards hits a soft spot in your heart or that of one of those you chanced sending it to.

You don’t feel too out of place at an art opening.

The other members of the committee actually show up on time for the meeting.

Comfy shoes are kind of stylish.

You check the gift closet before you make a bunch of impulse purchases at Tuesday Morning.

It’s worth getting up early on January 2 to hit the sales.

All the presents you bought your family make a hit.

The presents arrive on time.

The guy shows up closer to eight a.m. than five p.m.

The noise from the railroad track near the house you bought really isn’t an issue.

The things that didn’t seem to be worth the effort, actually were.

The meek actually inherit something.


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