Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missing You!

After five days in the hospital, and a bit longer than that since I've been able to be at the computer for more than a minute, I just had to post a short update.

The new knee is in. I'm already glad I did it, because after 6 days, I'm walking better than I did the two weeks before the surgery. I plan to write more about it when my head is clearer, probably under a different blog name, so that those of you who are squeamish about blood and gore won't have to read it unless you want. I have a great desire to answer some of the questions I had that no one seemed to want to give an answer to. Each case is different, but I'll give some straight answers from my own perspective.

Walker has had some rough times. It's tough to fear for the important people in your life. He visited me in the hospital a couple of times, but I resembled his grandfather who recently died a bit too much there for a while. When I got home he was like a toddler, racing to hug me...gently please...and sitting by my side way more than usual. He told me he cried at work on Monday because he was worried about me. Then he went back to his normal routine, just after he asked me if I could find him the Ghostbuster's II soundtrack on Ebay. Life goes on.

My friends and family have been so wonderful through our long drawn out year of problems. They remind me again and again that God has no hands but our hands to do his work today. Each visit, each casserole, oatmeal cookie, poundcake, note, or plant or flower delivered to me helped me to see God in the people who love me. More about this when I'm not so tired.


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