Monday, December 1, 2008


I've struggled with words for the past few weeks, feeling like anything I had to say was simply inadequate. I have managed to send thank you notes to most of those who have been so kind to me, but I know in my heart they were crude expressions of much deeper feelings. I'm hoping this is a temporary condition, but who knows.

There are thoughts of thanks that didn’t even manage to turn themselves into words that made sense as we gathered on Thursday, the one day a year when we stop to give Thanks. As our family and inlaws and outlaws stood in a large circle in my den holding hands I almost spoke, but then we followed our usual custom of having the children sing.

“God our Father. God our Father. Once again, Once again. We will ask your blessing. We will ask your blessing. Ah Ah men. Ah Ah men”

My ever observant son in law, John, saw my tears before I wiped them and teased me…of course…That’s his job around here. Everyone else politely ignored them and went about serving The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever.

I hope my words return. I have so much to be thankful for.


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