Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I'm having to fly by the seat of my pants on the computer which my husband has graciously allowed me to borrow after I infected my own with a virus. Don't get me started...

Anyway, I wanted to post this picture, courtesy of my son-in-law and daughter Katie. I'm so proud that my children have strong convictions and act on them. That may be the real secret to making dreams come true.

The picture was made somewhere in the midwest on the Sunday night before the election. It was truly an "Oh my GOD!" moment for Sarah to meet our new president and his family as a part of a small group of volunteers working to get out the vote.

We've come a long way from Alabama, baby girl. Congratulations! I hope you and your generation keep dreaming for the rest of us.


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Sarah Jane said...

Oh Happy Day indeed! I still can't believe I had this opportunity. Can't wait to see what's come...