Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Flashback My Rainbow

I’m not sure what prompted me to write a love letter to my kindergartener. I do know I didn’t show it to her until she was grown and then began the tradition of writing to all my children and grandchildren, mostly on their birthdays. I ran across it today when looking for a “Friday Flashback” in my albums. It was titled My Rainbow. Warning, it's a little hokey. I guess I was drunk on love and spewing cotton candy.
“She gave a pad of notepaper smeared with a rainbow. A gift bought with her own dollars and proudly presented. “Don’t you think it’s pretty, Mama? Don’t you just love it?”

Yes, little one, I do love it, but not just because it’s pretty. I love it because it’s a reminder that you are my rainbow; God’s promise that things will never be so bad again. You are too little to realize that the blush of your cheeks and the gold in your hair and that clear blueness of your eyes are all blended through the prism of love to make you special. You are the affirmation that I could do something right again, even when it seemed that all my efforts were going wrong.

So keep decorating each page of artwork with your pretty streaks of color, and always keep your eyes on that rainbow, because it may just be inside you.”

Sarah Jane was the fourth child in our family, one that I’m sure many people wondered about being an “accident”. She definitely was not. She was just as wanted as the other three, but maybe treasured more because she was the last. She and Walker were like twins until she was about four and he was almost six. They were both learning to read and swim, but about then she took off, and the little sister became one more big sister. I knew the tide had turned when she used the word "embarrased" and I asked her if she even knew what it meant. "Yes, it's like when Walker acts like a dog in the grocery store." She had it nailed.

When Sarah comes home from California, no one is more excited than Walker. He is always anxious to share his collectibles and hope she might remember playing with them with him. She usually doesn't, but acts like she does, and she's a really decent actor.

I wonder if I can find Melody Mike or the Fisher Price doctor kit on Ebay?



anneglamore said...

I'm glad there's another mom posting pics that show that the kids stay naked at home!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie,

Loved your post...and the pictures are really cute..!!

Big hug and three kisses from The Netherlands


Janie Morris said...

Thanks...I never dreamed I'd have readers in The Netherlands. How cool is that! Weren't they precious...still are! Keep up your good work! Sarah's mom