Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Did It

I have just spent thirty minutes figuring out how to insert my picture on Facebook. It’s not like I love this picture, but the sketches they provide if you don’t provide one are kind of creepy. This task involved saving something on my desktop and everything, and I did it. You would think I were a three year old who has finally learned to use the potty.

Will I remember how to do it next time? Hope I won’t have to. This pic is the one I selected for my obituary a couple of years ago when I was undergoing a really touchy surgery. I lived, and hope no one needs this picture anytime soon. It looks enough like I did when I was younger so that people of my generation will at least recognize me, and enough like I look now that my grandchildren will too. I’ll try to come up with a new one every ten years or so, but his one is it until further notice.

I rarely browse Facebook, in fact, really don’t quite get it. I’m not sure why anyone would want to know what acquaintances of their friends and relatives are doing, but I’m sure there’s some logic behind it. My friends have my e-mail address and blog readers can easily find me by Googling my name and leave a comment on my blog. (I REALLY love having comments by the way!)

Actually, the more I think about it, maybe I do get Facebook after all. It’s a pretty easy way to reconnect. I never turn down anyone who asks to be my friend so if you do facebook, I'd love to be your friend. The magical carpet of the internet has happily connected me with people that I thought were lost but now are found, at least in cyberspace. I love that.

I hope I always treasure family and friend connections, even when they involve doing something hard.



Adelaide Dupont said...

Madame Morris:

I am not a Facebook lady either, but I do have some new pictures.

Terri Mauro talks about how her daughter uses it, and recently on the list Communicating Partners, there have been some great connections between aunts and nieces. Especially among the teenagers ...

FANTASTIC for the picture. It must have felt like a great accomplishment to you.

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day with the Walkers and whoever else was joining in.

morrishome1 said...

Thanks Adelaide. Sometimes a little work can have a big pay off. JM