Monday, February 9, 2009

So How are We Doing With That

A couple of weeks ago at a “no-kids allowed” family dinner in a nice restaurant, my son-in-law John got on my case. He had me laughing so hard at myself that I almost spewed wine out of my nose.

He has noted that I often end my blog with “I hope….”, which I readily explained that was my way of offering a kind of ecumenical prayer. He has promised to keep me accountable by tallying up how many of my hopes come to fruition.

There will be some that will be obvious. If I actually spend as much time making my yard beautiful without the threat of a large party looming over my head, we’ll all know it. If I actually have people over more often, even for a casual meal, it will be obvious. The less visible ones like reading more than playing computer games…maybe not so much.

There will be some things that nobody knows about but the Walkers and me. If I gripe less about Dad expecting the dish fairy, they will know. Little Walker will respond with increased anxiety…his dad, probably not.

Everyone is noticing that I’m walking better, which should only improve with the weather and further rehab of my knee. I’ve actually taken a couple of the kids to Walmart or a movie just because it sounded like fun instead of being guilt ridden over how many hours they watch TV when they’re at my house. I think I’m doing okay so far.

I hope John, and I, will cut me some slack if I don’t realize all my hopes and dreams. Now that I know he’s watching, he has become another instrument of change. I hope most of the changes are for the better.


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